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11 Feb, 2021

What is the purpose and types of Binding wire ?

Binding Wire is used for the purpose of tying applications in the field of construction. It is used extensively in the construction sector for tying the rebars at the joints so as to keep the structure intact.

Binding wire is also called annealed wire and is made of mild steel. Annealing endows it with the properties like flexibility and softness, required for its main use.

Best Quality Binding wire in india  is available in different diameters ranging from 0.61 mm to 1.22 mm.

The application of binding wire requires it to be flexible enough so as to tie easily and strong enough so as to hold the joint in place. There are various methods used for tying the joints.

The benefits of binding wires in construction are numerous as given below:

- Annealing allows the wires to stay soft for ease of application

-The tensile strength of the wires helps in binding the knots without any breakage

-A Binding wire manufacturer in India makes these wires flexible enough to fit the multiple usage needs repeatedly

- They help in pouring the concrete into the frames without dislocation of the rebars

- To secure secondary frame designs like chairs, spacer bars in construction

-Holding lapped bars in ideal position


Binding wire is used for binding reinforcement slabs, metal mesh processing, beams, walls, columns and so on. In particular, it is used in concrete construction. Best Binding wire in india shall provide a secure hold reinforcing bars of different diameters.

When you need to install fences and barriers, binding wire is used for making ropes, cables, springs, nails and electrodes. Through a combination of flexibility and strength of binding wire bonding is indispensable for the various elements of structures, and strengthen ceilings.

Used in various industries for packing finished products.


There are 6 ways of tying binding wires.

Simple Tie - Light floor mats

Wall Tie -Vertical mats

Double-Strand Single Tie - Heavy works

Saddle Saddle

Tie with Twist - Heavy mats to be lifted by crane

Cross Tie - For no twist in bars


25 Mar, 2021

How To Use Binding Wires In Constructions?

Binding Wire is comprehensively used for the purpose of tying applications in the construction sector. If it is a construction or renovation secondary building materials are as important as all the big or primary material per se bricks, cement or steel. One among the less important seem material is Binding wire.


It may seem trivial to a layman but individuals engaged in the field of construction knows the actual value of the Binding wire or annealed wires. They are named annealed as they are passed through the process of annealing to make them soft, flexible and lightweight.


Binding Wire is comprehensively used for the purpose of tying applications in the construction sector. For the construction related work everyone require best binding wire with the high-quality. As we all know, there are several best binding exporter in India to get the highest quality of binding wire.


But what a binding wire is and what it is used for? For making the structure protected from natural or man-made calamities the team of construction workers need to build a horizontal cage or vertical bars with steel and fill it with concrete to get strong and solid mesh that makes the structure robust. These cages and bars are built with steel rods these rods are tied together to create the desired shape and they tend to have intersecting points where the end or the middle of the two bars met but while lifting them or moving them on the required place these crisscrossing points between the two rods create distortion which is needed to hold together, for this electrically welding the joints is an option but it is time-consuming and expensive so as an alternative of this binding wire are used to tie these intersecting points and keep the structure in one piece in the whole process of development.


Binding wire is a lightweight flexible wire made of steel with a diameter of 0.60mm to 1.70mm. The real deal in creating the binding wire is to keep it flexible but with that, it should be strong enough to keep the joints in place. As it is used to tie the steel bars together therefore it is important to make this wire strong enough to hold the structure. To keep these wires strong manufactures carved these wires out of steel yet they keep them thin enough to tie it easily, in brief, these are the thin flexible steel wires used to hold the reinforcement at a proper position so that the bars don't displace from their position during concreting. Also, to keep the space between the two intersecting points untouched.

In the market there are variety of binding wires available like  

    • Galvanized Iron Binding wire
    • Small coil rebar wire
    • Tie loop tie wire
    • U type binding wire


and many more. There are numerous best Binding Wire manufacturer are available but the most reliable binding wire manufacturer in chattisgarh are well-known to  makes these wires flexible enough to fit the multiple usage needs repeatedly. If you want to know more about the best binding wire manufacture then visit the website:

04 Apr, 2021

Common Uses Of Barbed Wires

Fencing is the oldest way to create a barrier to restrain people or animals, to define boundaries, or to decorate and barbed wire is the finest choice for fencing needs. Barbed wire, is a type of steel fencing wire constructed with clusters of short, sharp spikes set twisted around at short intervals along the strands. It is also known as barb wire or bob wire.

It is used to construct low-priced fences and is used on the top of walls surrounding secured property. A person or animal trying to trespass over barbed wire will suffer discomfort and possibly injury. It is simple to construct and quick to erect, even by an unskilled person. Galvanized steel wire is the most widely demanded wire among barbed wire manufacturers because of its quality and long life.

Barbed wires are commonly of two types:

  • Conventional twist and
  • Reverse twist.

Conventional twist is the line wire twisted in a single direction, which is also known as the traditional twist. The reverse twist is the stranded wire twisted in opposite direction.

There are best-barbed wire exporters in India and export all types of barbed wires including:

  • short barb razor wire has barbs from 10 mm to 15 mm long
  • medium barb razor wire has barbs 20 mm to 25 mm long
  • long barb razor wire has barbs from 60 to 66 mm long.

Barbed wire has many uses but it is majorly used for containment, division, army, protection.

Containment: - Fences can be used for both a human and non-human capacity. Prisons use barbed wire fencing known as razor wire along prison walls. If prisoners try to escape, they run the risk of injury because of the sharp points on the wiring. It is also used to contain animals on farms.

The wire stops livestock from running away and prevents farmers from the loss and theft. Some barbed wire fences can also have electricity run through them which makes them twice as effective.

Division – There is one thing that you must know about barbed wire is that barbed wire fencing is the reliable way to isolate lands and keep them free from possession disputes. No one can claim the land to be theirs if each plot is demarcated by barbed wire fencing. Barbed wire fencing intercept from illegal territorial expansion or illegal possession of territories.

Army - Barbed wire fences are popular in the army cantonment area and military camps. Training grounds for army men use barbed wire fencing. It also prevents illegal trespassing on borders and sensitive areas.

Protection – Barbed fencing used in extensive agricultural plots protects the land from encroachment from animals that would destroy the crops.

Your flowers are safe from animals even during night time if your plot is fenced with barbed wire.

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16 Apr, 2021

Difference between Concertina wire and Razor wire

The growing urge to protect, contain or separate brought up the demand for fencing wires. The versatile demand for fencing wires from the late 80’s force the manufacturers to innovate and developed wires that were easy to install and hard to breach.

The innovation in the fencing industry put a massive impact by making things simple. It became easy to protect the extensive agricultural plots from the intrusion of animals that could destroy the crops, it helped in segregate the lands and keep them free from possession disputes.

These wires are mounted atop the walls in the prisons to restrain prisoners from escaping innovation gave the wires that were simple to set up on the wall and are nearly impossible to pass over. The creation of captivity for animals became easy to avoid their infiltration in public places. This revolution birthed various types of fencing wires, among them well known is concertina wire and razor wire.

Razor and concertina both of these fencing wires have a very basic yet very valuable difference. Razor wire is also known as the barbed wire it is constructed with clusters of short, sharp spikes set twisted around at short intervals. Razor wires are originally used for agriculture, such as restraining cattle, separation of land.

Concertina wire or dannert wire on the other hand has sharp blades instead of spikes. These sharp blades are set on measured intervals which can slice deep into your flesh and cause fatal injuries sometimes. Concertina wire, is named after the musical instrument and its expanding and contracting bellows.

Concertina wire manufacturer calls this wire a coiled version of barbed wire. It’s most often used in military obstacles or barricades.  These sharp blades are usually used to cause much pain to whoever tries to untangle it or breach.

The process of making both the wires is the same, both are available in a galvanized form to protect from corrosion. Yet the installation of concertina wire is more tricky compared to razor wires as it needs a little more accuracy and mastery because the wire includes sharp blades and is not simple to bend around.

Though these wires are to fence to create containment or separation and not to hurt but if someone tries to challenge their capacity these wires tend to give quite a heavy injury. On the damage scale, the damage of the concertina wire is high compared to the razor wire.

The prices of both the wires differ yet the best concertina wire exporter in India supply a good quality product at very reasonable prices. Now after getting the idea of the difference between the properties and concept of concertina wire and razor wire if you are looking for the concertina wires manufacturers who provides the best quality wires at affordable prices then you should choose the concertina wire manufacturers in chattisgarh.

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22 Nov, 2022

Barbed wire fencing - How much does it costs.